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One of my favorite activities is drawing.  I'm just an okay artist, and I don't spend much time drawing because I always find myself time tight.  So, here's what I have, and I will update this page as long as I do new drawings.  

Special thanks to Chibiangel who put up my drawings on her site before I get my own page, and to Kanne-chan who colored my work and she did an awesome job.  Also thanks to my friend Jo who let me color his work--great drawings.  Thanks to Sean for the awesome coloring job and his super fast computer and computer tablet.  Thanks for being there, Sean, as a friend and an inspiration who gives his love unconditionally.  Mr. MN also makes a good model :).  Oh, I won't forget Jeremy who never posed for me, but I've got several good drawings of him.  The reason why most of my "models" are guys is simple--I cannot draw guys.

Special notice--

I'm planning on starting a guest art section, so if you are interested in participating, please e-mail me at  Thank you for visiting, enjoy.