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Links to Other Good Pages

Very impressive artworks, I'm a fan of this artist.
Another artist that drives me crazy--in a good way--even though I feel sorry for myself when I look at this person's stuff.

Shizhong Yan's Art Page--
This site is linked for promotion purpose only, because it's my dad's site.  He is a very good artist and I adore his talent.


If you want music, just go get Napster.  Best software for music downloading, and those who wants to ban it should die.
Any Jeff Chang fans around here?  Grab a lot of his music videos.

More sites coming soon.


K10K (Kaliber 10000)--
One of the best design sites I've ran across, really worth to check it out.

DK1098's Homepage--
This page is so nicely designed.  It use to have a very good Evangelion page, but it was banned by GAINAX because it's so good.

Free Webdesign--
Looks crappy, but it's got tons of resources and downloads.

Resources for web designers.

Friends' Pages

Angel & Vormulac's Sailormoon Artbook Gallery--
I have a lot of connections with this page, and it's a very established Sailormoon page--even though I'm not a big Sailormoon fan :).

Joseph's Comic Garden--
My friend Jo's homepage, very nice.

Kanne-Chan's Art Studio--
Nice design, great artworks, she's got it ALL, baby!

Smileys World--
sMiLeY's site is very nicely designed, and he's the one who got me addicted to ICQ and chatting in general.

Sorry Lin's Page--
Ran into this guy's page, and thought it's very interesting.  I even sent him an email and we became friends.  Well, he changed his original design and his writings are gone, but if you know Chinese and want to explore about a person, go visit.

The Private Chambers of Genki-Chan--
My friend Mike lent his web space to Genki Chan, a furry artist.  I don't know her at all, but I feel obliged to put the link here just for Mike's sake.  Visit Mike's Dragon's Den at

Link Exchange

Some of my visitors have their own sites, and they are all nice in different ways.  On the other hand, they also like my site, so we decide to exchange links.  So here they are :).

Tales of Atlantis--
I'm eagerly waiting for the finished product to come out :).

Silvermoon Heaven--
A fanart/original art site.  Even though the site design is not very mature, you can still find some pretty interesting stuff there and some nice artworks.

If you want to exchange link with me, please email me at