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One of my friends told me that I should put a lot in this section. Well, my initial purpose of making this page is to create a world where everything is about me, my interests and my life. So I guess my friend's suggestion is also what I want.
However, when I need to say something, I'm usually speechless--a situation a lot of people sometimes find themselves in. Forcing something out of my mind is impossible, so I guess I can only start with the simple facts about me.
Special thanks to Calvin Holloway who took those adorable portrait shots for me. If you are interested in his portrait shots, please contact him at

Name: I'll tell you if I get to know you. If you surf on my site long enough and careful enough (use some brain), you will eventually find out.

Handle: @_@ (my ICQ friend likes my name better).

Sex: I hope you can tell from my picture, or I'll be really...huh...

ICQ #: 46019860 (I don't need XXX messages).

Sign: Gemini (I love my sign, it's the coolest of all, and it fits me).

Year of birth: how dare you ask!

Favorite color: blue and light purple

Nationality: I'm still a Chinese...and will be one forever, although I'm getting Americanized ^_^.

Interest: drawing, eating (one of my biggest dreams is to eat all kinds of food all around the world), computers, movies, music, singing, impressionism art and lots of other art forms, reading (Chinese, I would love to read more English if I don't get impatient with my English reading speed), watching Japanese Animation, studying (many people might find this strange), learning new things, etc.

Favorite painter: Vincent van Gogh, I love his passionate art, and sympathize his experiences. Cezanne is also good, he's my dad's favorite. Picasso, of course, he's awesome too.

Favorite singers: Jeff Chang (nobody in US has heard of him, he's from Taiwan), George Michael, Michael Jackson (keeping me from getting car sick on the school bus), Luciano Pavarotti (his golden age is over).

Favorite groups: Mono, Massive Attack, Ohgr, The Secret Garden, The Carpenters, Savage Garden, Boyzone, Matchbox 20, some songs by Skinny Puppy (it's hard to love all of them).

Favorite actors: too many, they are all hot. However, Audrey Hepburn is the most beautiful actress ever. Tom Hanks is very very good also.

Favorite book: Jane Eyre

Favorite movie: Forrest Gump and many more.

Favorite Manga series: Cipher, Kiki the Delivery Service

Favorite Anime series:  Evangelion is especially cool, Serial Experiment Lain is awesome, Gasaraki, Jin Roh, His and Her Circumstances, Di Gi Charat, and many more.  They are all good.

Favorite food: you should ask which on I don't like.

Food I don't like: NONE!!!!

Things I can't do: playing computer games, I can never win. Except Tetris. Play an instrument, I use to play piano, but I dropped it.  I want to learn to play at least one instrument in the next few years, especially guitar. Swim, well, I'll learn that sooner or later ^^. (Latest update--I learned how to swim in GYM, YAY!)

Things I can do: live my life.

Education: Senior in high school.  Update, I am now graduated from high school!  I just got my university ID several days ago!

Favorite people in the world: Mom, Dad, my cousins in China and my old friends in China--Liu Chang, Zhang Xiaoqing, etc, and here in US, my best friend Sophy, Peter, Sean, Colin, Dana, Sarah (thanks for the French), everybody in Math Team, and a lot of internet friends--sMiLeY, Aliang, Sig, Sorry, Frank, Jo, ItemB, and a lot more friends, ex-boyfriend plus his squad. Gee, I have too many favorites and I hope I can add people to this list constantly. Although the amount of people here seems to make this list pointless and not valuable, the fact is that I DO love these people around me and I have to write those names down. Their names are here through my careful selection. By the way, Mr. MN is climbing up quickly on my list, time will do you good, this message is just for you ^_^.

Motto: (this is sort of my motto) I love life, do you?

So, now you get it all, get to know me more, ICQ me or e-mail me.

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