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The Liar Lover

When I fell in love,
You were everything above,
When I saw your smile,
My imaginations went wild,
Your whispers by my ear,
Became my only atmosphere.
I thought we were for each other,
And all the doubts were whatsoever.

May through December,
We lived together.
I thought Id never be a survivor,
Without you be my kisser.
Id never thought you are a liar,
Honesty is what love requires,
Your word had a nutritious possibility,
Though they lost their authenticity.

You came home late,
I knew you were with Kate.
I was afraid you were a flirt,
Then I saw lipstick on your shirt.
You lost your temper,
When I asked for answer,
You said I turned you away,
You, too bored to stay.

It was you who gave a golden box,
Full of slugs from a wormy fox.
I wonder why I was blind,
Thought that was the only love I could find.
You started a fire that would not last,
And now I see through your mask.
Ill leave and Ill survive,
Without all those lies.